Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Dreamed a Dream (not Subo, me!)

Well guys I thought I would post a little piece about how life sure as hell catches up to you. Not slowly either I might add, but it sneaks up and pounces on you like a leopard onto an innocent, peaceful little calf drinking from a waterhole. At this point you might be thinking, "what the hell is he on about" let me explain. When I was young I wanted to become a racing driver, and a professional footballer, a fireman, a fighter pilot, a veterinarian, a sniper, a member of the SAS, a professional rugby player and so on and so forth.

I had a lot of ambition you see, but as time has passed and I am now the prime age of 23, with 24 approaching like an oncoming truck, I see that I will now never be able to fulfil any of those dreams.

Of course now my outlook has changed and I no longer want to stick my arm up a cows back passage and get paid for it, nor do I wish to go through the most thorough selection process in the world and endure the most gruelling physical torture to become a member of the British special forces.

However the ambition to become a sporting professional in one of my chosen sports of football, motor racing or rugby...well I think those dreams never die.

The point I am making with this is that even though I would want these things so badly, I have now come to a point in my life where I have to admit that I will never be the world rally champion, or a striker for England. Hell, most Premier League footballers are taken right from the womb to begin their careers, so where does that leave me, a 23-year-old with average ability who can't even touch his toes? Moreover, to become a world rally driver, you would need to have thrown around £200,000 into a life with an unsure outcome. And that's just for the car to impress on the world stage, not to mention the money it costs for events, new equipment and transport etc...etc.

I think there comes a time in everyone's life when dreams and ambitions are replaced with new, slightly more realistic dreams and ambitions. I have just qualified as a personal trainer for example, something which has been a dream of mine for the last year. I have secured a job in a nice gym surrounded by good people and, although this is the first step on my career path, how come every time I put my earphones in and listen to some banging tunes...I always imagine myself being crowned the world rally champion or scoring the winning goal in the 2014 world cup final?

Do not despair my faithful readers, this is not one of those pieces of writing where the last section is something really deep and meaningful to summarise a relatively intimate subject because, last time I checked, I have a penis...I could do it though, I could be one of those spiritual, self-help writers, here it is...ready;

"Even though your dreams seem out of reach, doesn't mean you should stop stretching"

See I could sell a million copies of that crap, but happily I am not like that so all I will say is this...dreams are dreams for a reason, we dream them. We all may want to be footballers, but could we honestly dedicate our lives to it in order to become simply average? Because that's what we would have to do, no drinking, no partying, no Sunday lunches with the family, no days off when you feel like it...just 100% commitment all of the time. When you put it that way, I doubt that many of us would sacrifice our childhoods and time with our friends and families in order to achieve it.

I mean Wayne Rooney is roughly the same age as me and would I trade places? What has he got apart from the cars, mansions, £250,000 a week pay check, the ability to buy anything he wants at any given moment...

oh f**k it who am I kidding...lets get pissed!

My passion for rallying, not quite world least not yet.
My mum navigates as I drive in an event in my home town of Jersey.

It's a family thing, with my brother and dad competing in the same event.

Me with my beloved Astra

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  1. Stick with what you do best, mate. Having loads of fun, being with family, driving a "boss" car and keeping the aging process from coming on you too fast by laughing at yourself and along with everyone else. Keep smiling, better yet, keep laughing and having a blast with life my friend, I am living vicariously through you...and it's FUN. Cheers mate, and keep blogging.


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